Logo, Shirts, Documenting


What I did

  • Production
  • Logo
  • Shirt Design
  • Photography

Project: Heijo Palace Brand Identity and Documentary Coverage.

Role: Lead Designer and Documentary Photographer

Target Audience: The project was aimed at a culturally curious audience, enthusiasts of historical documentaries, and patrons of the arts who value the fusion of traditional motifs with contemporary design.


  • Developed a logo that encapsulates the historical and cultural significance of Heijo Palace, ensuring it resonates with both contemporary viewers and history aficionados.
  • Designed a line of apparel that serves as a tangible extension of the Heijo Palace brand, promoting recognition and engagement beyond the screen.
  • Executed a comprehensive suite of documentary photographs that captured the essence of the project, providing an immersive visual narrative.


  • Conveying the rich history of Heijo Palace within the minimalist constraints of a modern logo.
  • Creating apparel that was both aesthetically pleasing and reflective of the documentary’s subject matter.
  • Documenting the project through photography in a way that was both authentic to the creative process and appealing to the audience.


  • Conducted extensive research into the palace’s heritage to distill its essence into a simple yet evocative logo design.
  • Integrated design elements that reflected the documentary's themes into the apparel, balancing historical integrity with modern fashion sensibilities.
  • Employed a candid, storytelling approach to photography, focusing on natural lighting and unguarded moments to capture the project's authenticity.