About Me


Mutlimedia Designer

All around creative problem solver

Hi there!👋 I'm Jose Esquivel, a passionate Multimedia Designer and Restaurant Training Analyst with a diverse professional journey. Over the years, I've had the privilege of contributing my creativity and expertise to various industries.

My career journey began at Known Gallery & The Seventh Letter, where I honed my skills in graphic design and event coordination. I designed captivating pitch decks and infographics for pop-ups at trade shows and music festivals, cultivating strong organizational and creative skills.

Later, I embarked on a new chapter at Ouka Entertainment as a Multimedia Designer. In this role, I assumed multiple responsibilities as a videographer, photographer, assistant editor, and web designer. This experience enriched my skill set in multimedia production.

Currently, as a Restaurant Training Analyst at Chipotle, I channel my design skills to craft engaging eLearning modules and multimedia elements. I'm tasked with creating interactive resources, assessments, and simulations that elevate learner engagement and knowledge retention. Collaborating with cross-functional teams, I ensure seamless integration of learning content into our platforms.

My passion lies in harnessing design and creativity to enrich learning experiences and strengthen brand identities. I'm unwaveringly committed to continuous improvement and innovation, with a vision to pioneer the adoption of cutting-edge multimedia solutions in the industry.

Let's connect and explore opportunities to collaborate. Whether you want to delve into the latest design and training trends or discuss potential projects, I'm just a message away.